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Photo Credit - © Sally Kidall (2015)

A major art event in Somerset linking culture and environment.

Encounter contemporary artworks while exploring the spectacular, wild landscapes of abandoned and working quarries in rural East Mendip.

Fourteen leading local and international artists, all with connections to the South West, have created a series of site-specific artworks in response to the nature of quarries and their place in the cultural and industrial heritage of the region.

You will discover fascinating sculpture, land art, photography, textiles, painting, drawing, sound, spatial poetry and printmaking ranging from the intimate to the extravagant.

Background to project

‘step in stone’ launched their Finale with a terrific Preview evening at Black Swan Arts. Frome Mayor Kate Bielby gave out certificates to their young sculpture design competition winners and it was thrilling to see so many people there, appreciating all the dedicated work and talents of the artists and curators.

Photo Credit - © Sally Kidall (2015)

Comments from the public since the project began in July:
“Very much enjoyed the chance to be in these amazing places, with thought provoking art and music”

“We have just spent a fascinating afternoon at Halecombe and Westdown/Asham quarries. It was a treat for the senses and a revelation about the environments on our doorstep. Thank you!”

Photo Credit - © Sally Kidall (2015)

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“…Stone bears us up;
stone weighs us down;
stone marks the place where
once flesh
squabbled upon the earth…”

Extract from ‘STONE’

Ralph Hoyte (step in stone artist)

Detail of Fairy Cave Quarry’ (2015) © Duncan Simey


Fiona Campbell ‘Cirri’ locally found and recycled materials. Photo by Duncan Simey in Westdown/Asham Quarry © (2015)


Stuart Frost, ‘Pavimentum’, Mendip quarry dust. Photo Duncan Simey in Westdown/Asham Quarry
© (2015)

“ If ever there was a physical entrance into
fairyland I think it may well be found here ”

Tessa Farmer of Fairy Cave quarry

Image (2015) © Tessa Farmer - step in stone artist

‘Lest We Forget: is enough enough?’

Sally Kidall 'Lest We Forget: is enough enough?' timber chairs, clear plastic, fabric, soil, grass seed string, glass fibre rod, water. © (2015) Photo Duncan Simey in Westdown/Asham Quarry

The Age
of Stone

Duncan Elliott, The Age of Stone, found limestone and metal. Photo by Duncan Simey in SESC © (2015)

‘ A Collection of Gabions’

Cath Bloomfield A Collection of Gabions .Photo Duncan Simey in Westdown/Asham Quarry © (2015)

Artmusic – interdisciplinary collaborations. See Lachrymae

Cath Bloomfield – low relief sculptures, assemblages, collagraph, and print

Bronwen Bradshaw – abstract contemporary printmaker. 
See Somerset Printmakers

Duncan Cameron – mixed media sculptural work. See natural history collections in cabinets

Fiona Campbell – sculptor using recycled metal and found materials. See SAW/NGS Abundance Garden Trail; Scraptors narrative sculpture Trail; Glastonbury Festival

Duncan Elliott – sculptures from found rock fragments. See Atkinson Gallery

Tessa Farmer – international artist of miniscule sculptures. See Natural History Museum, Saatchi Gallery, Holburne Museum

Stuart Frost – sculptor & environmental artist. See Victoria Art Gallery, Bath & Professor of Art, Norway

Suzie Gutteridge – multi media artist. See Sheffield Millenium Galleries

Ralph Hoyte – sculptural & spatial poetry. See Bristol’s floating harbour verse & Garden of the 4 Jewels

Sally Kidall – international environmental artist. See Bondi Beach, Sculpture by the Sea & International Contemporary Sculpture Festival

Caroline Sharp – artist & landscape architect. See Walford Mill & Crafts Study Centre

Amanda Wallwork – artist. See Mapping The Jurassic Coast; exlab project & b-side multi media arts festival

Christina White – photographic artist and teacher. See Quarry Faces & Mendip Rocks!

Bones for Cabinet

Duncan Cameron Bones for Cabinet Fairy Cave Quarry © (2015)

step in stone by numbers:

Here are the visitor and participant stats for the step in stone project:
The age range was 0-95

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“I have a lot of individuals and organisations to thank for this.” says Fiona Campbell.

Funding bodies include:

    • Arts Council England
    • National Lottery
    • Mendip Hills Fund
    • Ganes Trust
    • Frome Town Council
    • local trust fund
    • a successful crowd-funding campaign via IdeasTap

Project partners:

    • Nick Weaver
    • Black Swan Arts
    • Somerset Art Works
    • Mendip Hills Fund
    • Mendip Hills AONB
    • Somerset Earth Science Centre
    • Somerset Wildlife Trust
    • Frome Museum
    • The Quarries

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