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Ex parte – What are experiences of those who have travelled from their homeland to another,

and can examine at once, the perspectives of both, and the connections, confluences and conflicts between the two?

Where are the points and modes of negotiation, and constructed specificities?

EX – marks the activating co-ordinates.

Image (2015) © Erika Tan - Exparte artist
Video footage - David Sentosa

In the year of Singapore’s 50th Anniversary of independence, there has been a global cultural campaign to celebrate Singaporean arts and creative industries. In June 2015, the Singapore Tourism Board presented the travelling structure, Singapore: Inside Out, which as part of its tour of 3 major global cities, exhibited in Shoreditch London introducing a range of handpicked artists from both Singapore and Britain.

As an official partner event to Singapore: Inside Out, the visual arts exhibition EX PARTE reflects on these cultural events via the lens of artists who have sojourned at home and away, and who continue to maintain connections to their home as well as beyond their original localities.

This exhibition brings together striking works and engaging talks by Singaporean and UK artists who have spent time living and working in London and Singapore. Via photography, print, handmade work, sculpture, video, communication technologies and live performance, they use a variety of intriguing modalities to demonstrate complex and rich ways of being, transiting and connecting –to bring these themes of their artistic enquiries to wider audiences in UK and beyond.

Curated by Annie Jael Kwan

Black Noise, 2015 Sarah Choo Jing
(A Self Portrait of the Artist)
..at which hour of intoxication,
did the deafening march of the parade grow silent ?
uninterrupted and monotonous can you hear the reticent cheers from the crowd?
Nicola Anthony - Pass it on
..Pass It On: an artwork which seeks to create a narrative from one space to the next, and beyond.

There is a sense of connection and disconnection between the seeds and floor text, between each individual seed, as well as between the people who pick them up.

The sculpture comprises more than 8000 saga seeds.

Nicola Anthony – Constellation 2015

bamboo embroidery hoops, thread, mixed media

Starting at the point of ‘home’, the artist began a process of mapping words in an outward patchwork journey. The use of thread and woven circles in Nicola’s body of work often symbolizes the connection and disconnection between words, concepts, places or people.

Using a process borrowed from the creation of a mandala, Nicola began with one central dot. As the map widens, it becomes more abstract and meanders further from the start point: in some places becoming chaotic and indecipherable, even morphing into different languages (Tamil, Malay Bahasa and Mandarin), in others becoming more geometric in the tessellation of words.

… How long do you have to live in a place before you have the right to make up stories about it?
And how long do you have to live in a place before you have the right to claim it as your own?

What is a story worth? And what is in a history of objects?

Debbie Ding, a Singapore-based visual artist, programmer and independent researcher based in Singapore


Dr Kai Syng Tan with present Life on the RUN! RUN! RUN!

A new work in response to the theme and site of EX PARTE.
Image (2015) © Dr Kai Syng Tan

– EX PARTE artist

“Inter/face is a series of performances exploring the opportunities and limitations that technology imposes on the body. With the notion of “liveness” and the physical experience of performance challenged by live broadcast, Inter/face seeks to create different spaces and temporalities that channels the body between physical and virtual space. ” Image (2015) © TEOW YUE HAN

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